Body Treatments

Dead Sea Mud & Clay Wraps

A highly effective antioxidant and healing formulations. In combination with the detoxifying properties of our mud and clay along with the soothing and healing properties of extracts, the results of this treatment are incredible. Your therapist will discuss which one is best suited for you. Steam shower included.

80 minutes ……. $99

Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweed holds powerful detoxing and anti-aging ingredients that are able to hydrate the skin. Combining Seaweed Mud with medical grade ingredients to hold stable the enriched vitamins, minerals,and elements found in seaweed. You will find this blend stimulates production of healthy skin cells. Steam Shower included.

80 minutes ……. $99

Body Scrub & Polish

Exfoliate your dull and dry skin by removing dead cells with our Sugar or Salt Scrubs. The perfect blend of essential oils and salts or sugars that will leave your skin soft and supple. The perfect prep for Massage or one of our Wraps. Steam Shower included.

45 minutes ……. $68
Add to any body wrap ……. $45

Hydrotherapy Steam Shower

Add 20 minutes in our Steam Shower to any service. Known for its relaxing and healing properties, Aromatherapy can be added to the Steam for a personalized experience. This shower is 100% sanitizable with an ozone sterilization system.

20 min ……. $15

TENs Machine

Engineered with state of the art electrotherapy technology and traditional Chinese medicine practices of healing. FDA cleared Class II Healthmate Forever TENs & PMS Devices are the No.1 all-natural drug-free method of pain relief. The benefits of TENs & PMS therapy are limitless as the use muscle stimulation to aid muscle recovery and to strengthen, increase endorphins with massage-like feelings and overall health & wellness.

when added to a service  ……. $10